About Us

Hello. Welcome to Top Dealsio. So glad you’re here.

I am Joe, the founder of Top Dealsio. I used to be a teacher where I struggled to make ends meet for my family. I was in the position where I needed to look for deals whenever I shopped and could not have any wasteful spending. I wanted to bring savings to others, so I opened Top Dealsio with top quality products I love and that are well researched to be appreciated by others. We then sell these products to you at a price that keeps you coming back.

To pass the savings on to you, we cut out the middle man and ship to you directly from the source. You may even find that when you order multiple products, they may come in separate packages. This is due to the product coming straight from the product’s source.

It is not your fault that you have previously had to pay the marked up price for the middle man when shopping at the other stores. They normally don’t broadcast that information to their customers. Why don’t you take the money that you save here at Top Dealsio and put it towards something special for yourself or pay it forward to someone else in your life.

We ship worldwide and you being our customer means the world to us.

Thanks again for shopping at Top Dealsio.